Homeowners, auto body shops, big-box stores, and manufacturing facilities love the durable brilliance of Flexmar solid color polyaspartic coating systems for their floor surface. With a bold look from Flexmar Coatings, it's easy to have a bright, clean-looking, durable floor surface . . . and keep it that way!

Vibrant color, superior durability, minimal down-time. The choice is simple: solid color polyaspartic coating systems from Flexmar Coatings!

Flexmar solid color polyaspartic floor coating systems are about more than providing a single color on the floor. It's about using solid colors to make your floor space exactly what you need it to be. Our qualified applicators can create safety striping for garage and warehouse areas, embed logos and other graphics for commercial floors, and even craft creative designs using multiple colors to make your garage floor a showcase.

And whether your floor is exposed to occasional foot traffic or near-constant heavy equipment traffic, Flexmar solid color polyaspartic coating systems will protect the floor and continue to look great, year after year, without fading, yellowing, staining, scratching, or cracking. All with minimal application time and minimal maintenance—just dry or wet mop as needed!

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