For years, Flexmar Coatings has been the leading manufacturer of polyaspartic coatings, stains, and sealers. Flexmar continues to lead the industry by listening to the needs of our applicators and end users, and using that feedback to constantly improve polyaspartic coatings technologies and enhance the ease of application and performance of our coatings systems.

The Performance You Need in One Product

At Flexmar, we only use total two-component polyaspartic coatings systems, and we've engineered them to be the most user-friendly in the industry. Only Flexmar NextGen™ polyaspartics offer all of these features in one complete package:

0-VOC CoatingsAll Flexmar NextGen polyaspartic coatings are 0 VOC, exceeding compliance requirements in the U.S. and Canada.

Virtually No OdorOur high-solids NextGen coatings have virtually no odor. They can be applied with minimal disruption and discomfort—even while facilities are in use!

Longer Working Open TimeFlexmar NextGen polyaspartics feature a working time of up to 25 minutes(similar to epoxies), even in most adverse weather conditions, so keeping a wet edge, back rolling, and broadcasting chips is no challenge!

Rapid Re-Coat and Return-to-ServiceAll of our NextGen coatings can be re-coated in about 1 hour and the floor surface returned to service in about 1 hour after the final coat, maximizing efficiency for the applicator and minimizing down-time for the end user!

Self-Coving CoatingWith Flexmar, there's no need for special coatings or materials just to create coving. Our NextGen polyaspartic coatings and sealers all feature excellent vertical hang, so they can be used as an integral cove base.

1:1 Mix RatioOur two-component NextGen polyaspartic coatings systems all feature a simple 1:1 mix ratio by volume, eliminating complicated measurements and guesswork for applicators.

Superior Adhesion to ConcreteWe don't believe in compromising performance for open time. That's why Flexmar NextGen polyaspartics feature adhesion to concrete and other properly prepared substrates that is second-to-none! There's no bubbling, blistering, or peeling . . . and no call-back!

Factory-Pigmented CoatingsOur coatings come already pigmented from the factory. Don't worry about adding packets of pigment paste or matching color from batch to batch! In fact, Flexmar pre-pigmented NextGen coatings have a higher density of pigment for superior hide and filling over concrete!

Minimal MaintenanceA floor protected with Flexmar NextGen polyaspartic coatings will look glossy and like-new with only a periodic dry sweep and wet mop with mild detergent as needed. That's it. There's no regular, labor-intensive, costly maintenance . . . no stripping, no waxing, polishing, burnishing, or chemical deep cleaning that is endemic to ceramic or porcelain tile, VCT or sheet vinyl flooring, carpeting, and polished concrete.

Flexmar Coatings: Simple by Design