It's the perfect blend between our vinyl chip and solid pigment polyaspartic coating systems! Flexmar reverse chip polyartics provide that hint of texture to the floor surface in a solid color. This system is perfect for hallways, laundries, commercial garages, or anywhere a clean-looking, monolithic surface is essential!

Our reverse chip polyaspartic coating systems make it simple to get the perfect floor for your concrete, tile, VCT, or wood surface!

From warm, creamy Manila to bright, dazzling royal blue, Flexmar reverse chip polyaspartic coating systems can be formulated in just about any color you can imagine. So your new polyaspartic floor surface can be a subtle accent to your space, or a bright focal point. And, of course, you can choose multiple colors and have your Flexmar-qualified applicator create a unique design or add safety striping.

A finished Flexmar reverse chip floor is bright, glossy, and has just a slight texture to it. And the floor will retain its appearance—without yellowing or fading due to age or exposure to fluorescent lighting or sunlight—for years to come, with no buffing, polishing, waxing, or re-sealing.

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