Sometimes you need protection from the elements rather than a completely new look. Patios, porches, walkways, and even some garage floors, decks, and other surfaces have inherent beauty. But to retain that beauty, year after year, these surfaces require protection against fading, yellowing, abrasion, chipping, staining, and cracking. Flexmar clear sealer can offer the long-term non-yellowing barrier that can keep your surface looking great without re-sealing the surface year after year.

Our NextGen™ clear polyaspartic sealer makes it simple to get the long-term protection for flooring you want to keep beautiful!

With Flexmar NextGen clear, it's not about making a new statement. It's about making the most out of your existing surfaces. Flexmar clear polyaspartic sealer pops the color of your surface and provides a vibrant, always-wet look. Our clear sealer is a true finish—there's no need to re-seal, buff, or polish the surface once its applied. And our clear sealer will protect your surface for years, without fading, yellowing, staining, scratching, or cracking.

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