Rapid Recoat, Rapid Return to Service, 0 VOC, Virtually No Odor

As an architect or designer, you strive to specify products that are cost-effective, durable, long-lasting, and great-looking. And with the growing demand to use environmentally responsible, sustainable products and processes, it can be even more challenging to select the right products for your projects.

Flexmar NextGen™ polyaspartic coatings and sealers have been designed with all of these factors in mind to simplify the decision-making process. Whether you need a high-performance coating for a high-traffic, high-abuse commercial area, or a beautiful, eye-catching hard-surface floor treatment for an entryway, lobby, or outdoor entertainment area, one product—Flexmar NextGen polyaspartic coatings— is perfect for the job! It features a 25-minute working open time(similar to epoxies) and 1-hour recoat, 1- to 2-hour return to service, 0 VOC, and virtually no odor.

Your clients expect the best, and you demand superior products. Whether you are designing for new or existing construction, residential or commercial occupancy, indoors or outdoors areas, decorative or utilitarian use, Flexmar has the hard-surface floor coating for you.

All of our products are up to four times more durable than epoxies and other coatings systems, are impervious to chemicals, oils, kerosene, gasoline, food spills . . . even mild acids. They are scratch and chip resistant. And the color won't yellow or fade with exposure to fluorescent lighting or sunlight. You can specify our products knowing that your clients will be more than pleased with the long-term performance of their Flexmar floor!

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