25 Minute Working Open Time, Rapid Recoat, Rapid Return to Service

When you're finishing concrete, the keys to success are to offer a high-quality product that will exceed your customers' expectations, and to get on and off a job as quickly as possible. And with all of the concrete treatments available, from epoxies and acrylics to acids and dyes, how do you select the coating system that's right for you . . . and your customers?

The choice is simple: Flexmar Coatings!

Flexmar NextGen™ polyaspartic coatings provide the worry-free beauty and durability your customers need in a two-component coating system thatís simple to apply! And they feature 25 minutes of working open time(similar to epoxies) along with a 1-hour recoat and 1- to 2-hour return to service, plus 0 VOC and virtually no odor. All in one product!

Your time is valuable, and you can't make more money if you spend day after day at the same job. That's why Flexmar polyaspartic coatings, stains, and sealers are ideal!

Here are just a few ways Flexmar formulated their polyaspartics to be simple:

  • Longer open time to give applicators ample time to work around fixtures, walls, and other obstructions while maintaining a wet edge.
  • Rapid-dry coatings—in about an hour—to minimize downtime between applications.
  • As few as two or three coats required to achieve the ideal dry film thickness, further reducing the amount of time spent on any one job site.
  • Application directly to a variety of existing substrates in addition to concrete, including ceramic tile and VCT flooring, to minimize floor prep.

For more information about Flexmar vinyl chip polyaspartic coating systems, or to learn how to become a qualified applicator in your area,
contact Flexmar today!